Video: How NOT To Wash Your Face

My kids had a lot of fun making faces behind me as I tried to do this video. LOL! We were all on a “boat” steering clear of the “alligators” when I decided to get this tip off my chest.

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  1. Love the makeup remover wipes have been using them for awhile.

    By any chance do you have a line of skin care products you reccomend? I am looking to change up my daily moisturizer and face cleaning products. Just curious, I’ve been looking at different things but would love a recommendation. thanks.

    1. I am using aveeno but don’t LOVE IT. I think it’s too think for me. Once it’s done I am going to try to get something much lighter. For face wash I use something from my dermatologist. However, my husband swears by neutrogena!! I would give them a shot.

  2. Your kids are so funny! I can’t imagine trying to do video posts from home with my little ones running around. I giggled at your two while watching this.

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