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Scrub That Bad Energy Right Off

I’m one of those people who likes to read up on things. I see something and I can’t just appreciate it. I have to dissect it, understand it, become part of it. It’s a bit insane – but I know no other way.

I’ve been watching ‘Psychic Kids’ – a reality program that follows around… psychic kids doing amazing things – and can’t get it out of my head. I am HOOKED. My husband is NOT a fan, so I watch it without him. After a few episodes, I decided to read up a bit about being psychic and turned to one of the only names I recognized in the industry. John Edwards – remember him? The guy who can talk to the dead? Well, I flipped open my Nook a few nights ago and bought one of his books.

First of all, he’s from Long Island which is where I live. It was really funny to read through his work and hear him reference my neck of the woods. Now I feel like I am going to run into him during one of my Starbucks runs. lol!

Besides that, the read was interesting to say the least. One part in particular really resinated with me and I just have to share.

I am a strong believer in energy. I won’t get into it here because I know not everyone is open to the concept, but I believe in it all. Keeping up with positive energy, getting vibes about people, how we are all connected, sending good intentions, karma – you name it. I’ve always had this sense so it was really… odd (for the lack of a better word) to read it in print. I never read up on this before. It’s just something I was born believing.

Well, John Edwards said something that I LOVED in his book. He said that when you shower, you should look at it as a physical scrub and a metaphysical scrub. Sorry if this is getting too new age for you  – but just hear me out.

If you have a particularly bad day, jump in the shower and wash it off. As you soap up, visualize the act as a tangible way to get rid of everything that went wrong. Wash it off – literally.

I don’t want to dive too deeply into this in fear of scaring people away, but just think about what I’m saying. If you got into a fight or had a really crappy day at work, take a shower and wash it off. You have control of your own happiness (which brings me to The Power of Now) and if you need a physical act to help you wrap your head around that, consider using the shower as your tool.

I didn’t have a bad day, but last night when I came home from a Super Bowl party I couldn’t wait to jump into the shower. It’s changed the way I view bathing entirely. I hopped in, blasted the hot water and scrub away anything that might be doing me harm. I felt so invigorated and in control while remaining at peace and genuinely happy.  I don’t know. It was a great take-away for me. Hopefully it will do you some good as well. 🙂

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  1. Hello,
    I have been following your blogs IMNO and babyrazzi for years now, and absolutely love them! Thank you for bringing me my daily entertainment news! Today, I stumbled upon this lovely blog. I too am a “new age junkie”. I love the fact that you are so open about it…thank you 🙂
    If you have time check out Abraham-hicks videos on you tube. They have changed my life. I think you might appreciate them as well.
    Well, best of luck to you and keep up the good work! I love reading it!
    Thanks again!

  2. I’m glad you are hooked on and enjoy Psychic Kids. My daughter is one of the psychic kids from the show and it was a fabulous experience for her.
    Maybe you can write A and E and let them know, it looks like they may not renew it.

  3. I LOVE Psychic Kids!

    I agree with everything you are saying about energy.

    It started for me some years ago when I worked with a group of people. One man said to me, “You really don’t like Jim, do you?”

    Surprised, I said, “No – I like him well enough. I can’t explain it – but after I’m around him, I feel yucky the rest of the day.”

    A few years later, when I began reading about energy, I realized Jim was an energy sucker and that’s why he left me feeling so horrible.

    I try to be conscious of my energy; more than anything, trying to protect myself from letting negative energy mess with me. Living each day is hard enough without taking on other people’s stuff.

    For me, it’s a bath. After a hard, draining day, I feel compelled to hit the tub to scrub it off.

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