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Monster Trucks And Video Games (And My Husband The Narcoleptic)

On Saturday, a bunch of my friends took their kids to the Monster Truck show. Bill brought Liam while Natalie and I did our own thannngg. It was so much fun! I took her to Dave and Busters and was able to get some great one-on-one time in. We ran around like animals playing all the games and then we headed to ‘Red Mango’ for some frozen yogurt.

Meanwhile, Liam experienced his first Monster Trucks show.  He’s been OBSESSING over these toys as of late, so he REALLY enjoyed the action.

Bill did not. He actually FELL ASLEEP. Who CAN FALL ALSEEP DURING A MONSTER TRUCK SHOW??? Bill can! I swear I wish I had this ability. It takes me like 3 hours to finally knock out.

Then on Sunday, we headed out to PA to visit my cousins. We played ‘Just Dance’ for a while and Natalie was ROCKING! I couldn’t believe how good she was. I guess I have to get that game because Natalie was challenging everyone in the room over and over again. 🙂

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