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So, THAT’S What First Class Is Like…

I’ve been on a lot of planes.  I used to go to Europe once a year as a child and have traveled around the States and the Caribbean as an adult with my husband and kids. Over the last decade, flying has changed… been made simpler and less luxurious for the masses. When I was a child, I thoroughly enjoyed International travel. Whenever the attendant would walk around with a hot towel, I would get all giddy with excitement. Dinner with an actual fork and knife? You don’t say!!!

However, as of late, this no longer defines my travel experience. I buy the cheapest ticket I can, throw on my iPod and sunglasses, and sleep through to my destination. Why stay awake if there’s no reason to, right?

Well, yesterday I got bumped to first class on my flight home from Utah and it sort of reminded me of the way things used to be. My Delta flight did NOT have sleeping quarters like the above picture, but the seats were over-sized and my space was roomy and quiet. The attendant took my coat and bag for me (as I was sitting in 1A and didn’t have a place to store them). She immediately got me a drink (in a real glass) and refilled it throughout the flight instead of just leaving me the can. I ate decent food on REAL plates, used an actual napkin and had WiFi rights while in the air. I would NEVER pay for a domestic upgrade, but I will admit it was better than being crammed between two large guys in coach… well, unless I was crammed between two very hot guys. Then I would have to reassess. 😉

The ONE thing that did strike me as “worth it” was the fact that you can bring on 3 bags of luggage (75 pounds each). That’s a far cry from what the rest of plane has to deal with, right?

Anyway, I’m curious if you ever pay to upgrade? Are you a first class traveler? Does your company allow you to travel using the higher priced ticket? I can’t imagine how wonderful it must be to fly International in First Class. This picture looks like a DREAM to me!!

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  1. Haven’t flown 1st class but did fly Business class to Europe and much nicer on a long trip with larger seats and more legroom.

  2. Oh my – I saw that photo and was wondering what airline it was. I was bumped to first class once and ever since I am internally a first class snob but have not been in it since 🙁

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