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Hint Water Has No Artificial Flavoring! Why Am I The Only Person That Didn’t Know This???

I feel like all I’m doing is talking about Utah lately! LOL!

Ok, so as some of you know I spent a few days in Park City while Sundance was catering to the needs of every celebrity known to man. Who WASN’T at the festival!? Really!!

I’ve seen Hint Water before, but for some reason I ASSUMED that it had artificial sweeteners in it. I’m not sure where I got that from, but since I am against anything diet I avoided the brand at all cost. Well, I finally had a moment to sit down and read the bottle this week and LEARNED that it’s all NATURAL! The hint of flavor comes from REAL fruit. All this time I’ve been avoiding something so good for NOTHING.

I’m pretty sure I’ve tried every flavor they have to offer. Blackberry is my absolute favorite though Pear and Raspberry-Hibiscus gives it a run for its money.

Celebrities like Eliza Dushku, Zachary Quinto (who flew on my plane with me back home to NY), Rachel Lee Cook and James Franco were all photographed this week during Sundance sipping on Hint Water.

Have you tried Hint Water before?? If not, you should give it a try.

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