5 Myths About Massages Busted

Massage Envy in Dallas/Fort Worth wants to set the record straight! There are a few myths about massages that are incorrect and it’s time to se the record straight!

Myth 1: A good massage leaves you sore the next day.

Soreness is no indication of the quality of a massage. “Some people will be sore after their first massage if they’ve been sedentary,” O’Pry says. “Another reason for soreness is if a massage therapist works very deeply to break up lactic acid or trigger points in your body, or if the client fails to drink enough water. But if you get regular massages, chances are you won’t be sore the next day.”

Myth 2: If I feel fine, I don’t need to drink water after a massage.

Drinking water immediately after a massage helps reduce soreness. So does increasing your water intake after your appointment. “Water helps move out waste products that the therapist worked out of your muscles into circulation,” O’Pry says. And don’t drink alcohol or smoke afterward. Massage increases circulation, so alcohol and nicotine will have a stronger effect after a session.

Myth 3: If you are pregnant, you shouldn’t get a massage.

Massage is safe in all trimesters of normal pregnancies and actually can be beneficial. “For normal pregnancies, it’s perfectly safe,” O’Pry says. “And it feels wonderful-relaxing for mother and baby.”

Myth 4: It has got to hurt to really be effective.

“Nothing can be further from the truth,” O’Pry says about the no pain, no gain philosophy. “You may experience discomfort, but you should never be in pain.” If your therapist is causing pain, say so immediately. “A lot of clients assume a therapist knows when it hurts, but you need to say something,” O’Pry says.

Myth 5: Unless my therapist asks, I do not need to bring it up.

It is important to tell your therapist about your health history, including medical conditions, surgeries and medications. “If you have heart disease, are taking antidepressants, have metal in your body, or took a pain reliever an hour before your appointment, we need to know,” O’Pry says. “That helps us tailor your massage, determine the depth to use or decide if you should have a massage at all.”

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