What’s In Her Purse? Melissa Chapman From ‘Married My Sugar Daddy’

Melissa Chapman is seriously one of my closest blogging buddies. I LOVE her and I don’t mean love her.. I mean LLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE her.

Her blog (twitter: @madijack) is a safe and humorous place to talk about relationships , marriage, kids and everything in between! It is one of my daily stops because there’s no one on the Net as honest as this girl

Her purse is actually a Kristi G diaper bag ( it’s got a built in wipes dispenser) and here are the contents:

  • My Cyber Satin Mac lipstick ( cannot live without)
  • Maybelline Pulse Perfection vibrating mascara ( did I mention I have to color in my white haired eyebrows)
  • Huge Lips Skinny Hips Lip Gloss
  • A few random toys for my son ( honestly I don’t know how t he manages to sneak those in)
  • My wallet ( it’s actually looking a bit beat up, huh?!)
  • My kid’s school pictures
  • A baby nail clipper ( never know when one of your kids will need to random hangnail chopped off)
  • My huge lips skinny hips purple lab lip enhancer with hoodia( it really works)
  • Lip balm
  • A mirror ( cuz you never know!)
  • Tissues
  • And a nail file
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  1. Oh my gosh – the items in your purse look so clean and neat! You’re so busy – how do you keep it that way?!

  2. I’m kind of freaking out about this. Here’s why. You have an old figure from the Fisher Price Adventure People. I had that set! It was from a TV truck and crew. I loved it. It had a “real” TV camera, a reporter with an orange skirt and an Afro named Carol, and that was the weathered and jaded old producer we named Bill.

    And I’m pretty sure those are you BlogHer tissues from the Social Luxe party (I have some too) and I loooooove the purple thing!

    1. I know I swear- hand to g-d– my five year old son plays with my 25-year-old brothers toys still!! And yes those are the tissues from Social luxe:) and I didn’t empty out all the crumbs that are stuck to the liner of the purse.. trust me.. not so neat:)

  3. Now this is why I would never share my contents with Vera – your purse is so NEAT! Girl – how on earth do you manage that? I have playdoh, crayons and snacks and those the mentionable items.

  4. Niri doesn’t want to play nice!!! HUMPH!! 🙂 let’s all gang up on her and beg her to show us the goods!!!

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