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Is It Friday Yet?

Don’t you hate when you wake up thinking it’s one day – only to find out it’s NOT? I SWORE today was Friday. I was skipping to the kitchen to get my breakfast together and then I got smacked in the face with reality.

one more day… extra

LOL!! It’s ok. Today, I’m going out with a bunch of my friends from town. One of them put together an impromptu dinner at a Japanese restaurant that I LOVE. So, I am REALLY looking forward to it.  Haven’t seen any of those girls in a long time. Will be nice to catch up.

What are your plans today? This weekend?

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  1. Today is my ‘do laundry until you puke’ day, followed by grocery shopping and…packing!
    This weekend is a trip to DC. Mmmmm, slushy DC.

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