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I Have Rats On The Brain

I tried to pick a cute looking picture for this post, but this is NOT what I’ve been thinking about. Last night, I was watching the History Channel (because apparently I became a 87 year old man over the last few months) and caught a new episode of Hoarders. Now, typically I LIKE to watch ‘Hoaders’ or’ Clean House’ or anything along those lines… but yesterday the episode was about animal hoarding.

Specifically RAT HOARDING.

Yes, you read that correctly. The man was living with 2,000 RATS. I watched without blinking. It was disgusting. It was DISGUSTING. I shivered each time I saw them pile on top of one another and feed and nest and… UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Did you catch it? Don’t watch it if you didn’t – it’s freaking HAUNTING. Even Bill was mortified.

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  1. Yes ! It was wicked. But he let them good better than I thought. Now that other piece of work who is destroying her house and wanted them to wash her walls and put all her stuff back in was ready for the loony bin. Did you see the one that came on after that? The nurse in Hawaii who was so bad they called social services on her. She was living in filth and is a NURSE !!! Can you imagine having her mindset and being the one in her care? THAT gave me nightmares far more than the rat man.

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