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What’s The Point Of Putting Her In Tights?

This is a true story. I mean it when I say that EVERY SINGLE TIME I put Natalie in tights… she comes back with a gaping hole. Not a little pull that you can somehow hide, I’m talking ripped to shreds.

It’s borderline laughable… if I wasn’t the one that had to keep going out and buying more stockings.  They are officially one time wears in my home. UGH! But it’s always because she ended up having fun at school or something. In the end, you can’t blame the girl for running around, I just wish that tights were more durable! 🙂

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  1. Hi Vera. I have a very active 3 year old girl that I keep in leggings all the time. She is very partial to skirts and very rarely voluntarily wear pants – so leggings it is. I buy her a lot of different colors and make sure she has thick socks to wear too. Although I have to say, her favorite footwear is boots, so a VSL (visible sock line) is not an issue. 🙂
    I have a 7 year old son and his jeans get holes in them after a couple of months too. Just a side effect of an active kid, I think.

  2. Her little outfit is beyond adorable!

    @Pam: I don’t think leggings keep as warm as those wool tights, no?

  3. LOL! How does Natalie explain the rips? I wonder if the tights itch her. Or maybe the rips happen when she tries to pull them back up.

  4. That is hilarious!!

    Try leg warmers. They keep their legs warm and will protect the tights (a little).

  5. BTW – Vera, what on earth is with the “date hot Russian girls” link on this page??? The girl looks about 14 and, as much as I love this and INO, I am completely shocked and disgusted.

  6. It shows up in the “personal blog” ad space right above the comment section. It isn’t there everytime, but has definitely come up a few times.

    1. it must be google ads or something??? I’ve never seen it! am keeping my eyes peeled – thanks for the tip!

  7. no worries, I just noticed it again and this time it showed “tagged as clipping coupons, CVS deals, saving at CVS”

    Good Luck!!

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