Glitter And Gold: Nail Polish That Will Add Sparkle To Any Outfit

Last night I received a beauty package from Estee Lauder with one of the HOTTEST gray nail polishes I’ve ever seen. Practically fell on the floor when I unwrapped the gift. I am so READY to use this puppy today — actually going to get a manicure (Dare I Say It).

Estee Lauder Wild Storm

Wild Storm has some great shine to it. It’s more alive than the last one I wrote about which got me thinking about different ways we can add some pizzaz to our look this weekend.

A little glitter goes a long way!

So here are some great nail polish colors that will sparkle like a Christmas star.





Rescue Beauty Lounge

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  1. OOOOhhhhh, I love those colors! I am always trying out new colors on my nails. I love something funky, but not the same-funky-as-every-other-girl! I’m going to search for some of these! (contest entry)

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