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Guess Who We Met (Again)

You cannot escape this man. I mean – no matter WHERE YOU GO – there he is. I think my kids have told Santa what they wanted for Christmas 5 times already. And there’s no getting out of it  – unless I start pulling the kids out of school and after school groups.

I don’t think we are going to go to Macy’s this year because… it just doesn’t make sense. We’ve seen Santa so many times that there’s no way it can be a special experience.

How many times have your kids seen Santa this season?

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  1. When we’d see Santa at random things, my parents would tell us it was one of his elves. They said that Santa only went certain places, and the other times it was his elves who he sent to dress up like him. I never questioned them and I remember being like, “Oh, that’s just one of his elves – we saw the REAL Santa the other day!”

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