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Natalie’s First Fashion Hauling Video

Oh my goodness! After I wrapped my JCREW VLOG, Natalie started to pick up the clothes and mock me. I ran to the camera and turned it on hoping to get the whole sequence. She is a TRIP!

… and she did a pretty good job for a 5 year old. If you see the wrapping paper on the floor it’s because Natalie was wrapping her Christmas present to Bill. I let the kids do it no matter how botched up the job is.

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  1. She is a doll….she wants to be just like mommy! And I love the pic w/the balloon hat – she’s precious!

    Vera, maybe I missed a post or three in the past – have you ever taken the kids to see The Nutcracker? I am going tomorrow and I cannot wait! The first time I saw it again as an adult, tears welled up at certain parts of the music – I played the violin as a child so it was a double whammy!

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