Travel Tip Tuesday: Save Money On Water By Bringing In An Empty Bottle To The Airport

Ok! I’m sitting here next to Jen from Beauty and Bedlam talking about how it’s Tuesday and I need a Travel Tip to share with my readers. She told me that she always brings a granola bar AND an empty water bottle. You can’t bring in a full (or half full) bottle of ANYTHING. The TSA will ask you to throw it out during your security check. INSTEAD – consider bringing an empty bottle and then filling up once you’ve made it through to the gates.

You know that airports jack up prices and a bottle of water can run you around $3. Save that money for something else… you know… like a Starbucks!! LOL! 🙂

BESIDES – it’s a great way to reuse what you already have which is such an easy way to be green.

Do you bring in empty water bottles to fill up while traveling? Or do you pay the high price of convenience?

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  1. I always bring an empty bottle. If you want to forego the plastic, SIGG is a great choice (and they come in child sizes!).

  2. I always carry my reusable bottle with me, then I drink it while i ‘m in line and checking in… extra hydration never hurts when you are flying. You can always dump the contents if you have to right before you hit security.
    Great tip!

  3. I’m an airport store’s dream. I get bored and wander around and eventually find myself paying $10 for beef jerkey and bottle of water. LOL

    Have a great flight home!

  4. i definitely get all my drink in before traveling….its easier—the airport is a major hassle

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