The Brazilian Blowout: The Update

Last week I told you that I got ‘The Brazilian Blowout‘. I was dying to give it a shot and thought that I might as well do it for the holidays. A few of you emailed asking me for an update. I wanted to wait to wash my hair to see what the results looked like before commenting, and let me tell you that I am pleasantly surprised!

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • They wash your hair 4 or 5 times in a row with a clarifying shampoo
  • You then get the solution placed on your hair  – small sections at a time.
  • Then… they flat iron your hair for like an HOUR. I’m talking an insane amount of time. I kept telling the girl… seriously? this long huh??? LOL!!!
  • After your hair is perfectly straight and you are ready to rock and roll ——- they RINSE out the solution
  • You cry because you know you are ruining a perfectly styled head of hair
  • Then she blows your hair straight.

I gagged when they told me I had to rinse my hair after she did it. I thought I was done. The first time I did Keratin I left after the flat ironing part, but the Brazilian Blowout is different.

I bought special shampoo and conditioner and was told to not flat iron my hair for two weeks.

I didn’t wash my hair that night but I was too curious to wait much longer. I waited just one more day and then washed my hair. I styled it with my blow dryer and HOLY HEY NOW that puppy works!  Look at the pic! That is without a flat iron! Just me and a round brush!!

I think that’s amazing!!

In about a month I will update you again and let you know if it’s still as easy to style.

I know some of you will want to know about the cost – the Brazilian blowout was about $275 for my amount of hair. The shampoo and conditioner was another $50 or so. It’s definitely pricey, but my hair feels GREAT and even though the company says the effects should last 3 months, my hair dresser said it’s more like 5. We shall see… 😉

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  1. It looks TERRIFIC. (well your hair ALWAYS does! lol) I’m glad you like it. Everyone keeps telling me to beware because of that whole investigation by OSHA and whatnot, but I’m still going for it. 😉

  2. Looks sleek. I’ll be curious how long it lasts too! Vera & friends – are the chemicals in this procedure dangerous? I’m wondering if anyone has real answers.

  3. Oh, so you have to start blow-drying and flat-ironing again after 2 weeks???? Forget it!

  4. no flat ironing but you can blow dry. and this one doesnt have all the bad chemicals. some but not all. i did it in the room w everyone else. no masks etc. no smell.

  5. Vera, you look fabulous. I live in Canada now, and they are trying to ban it, in the meantime they have asked to immediately stop doing it. Apparently, the toxins are terrible and are extreme carcinogens. Hate to rain on your gorgeous parade. But I HAD TO SHARE…

    1. I think the blow out is different than the original. with the original one i had to be the only person in the salon and had to wear a mask. this one was done right in the middle of the day. no scent. my eyes didnt burn etc. its different.

      1. Actually she is talking about the current one, V. I have been doing a ton of research because I thought everyone was wrong when they were trying to tell me the Brazilian Blowout brand was the one under investigation. Turns out it IS “this” BB that is being looked at – they claimed not to use formaldehyde, but they found it to have a LOT in it. 🙁 I’m so ticked and unsure what I want to do now with my appointment. I’ve been using the smooth serum, too, and am going to stop until I see/hear more about the results of OSHA’s findings. Sigh. 🙁 Every single article that I found last night says that it does contain the toxic ingredients that it formerly claimed not to have. I really hope it’s untrue.

  6. Vera, I got the Brazilian Blowout also! Luvs it! I’ve done it 3x in the last year. It only lasted 2 1/2 months on me – I have naturally curly hair with frizz in summer. Product worked great. I hope yours lasts longer.

  7. ALSO the only way these treatments are going to work and last is if they have chemicals.

  8. I am doing this treatment for 8 years in NYC,

    I think because it’s a new product, and there are lot’s of competition… shampoo companies / eletricity / Salons etc, would loose a lot … so here it comes the jelous people talking bad about chemicals … most prodructs has preservatives/chemicals… But because Brazilizn Blowout its the new kid on the block… so you figure …

    I do this in byc, and all the salons are now doing…

    Brazilian keratin NYC , Alan.

  9. I was just wondering if you still doing your Brazilian Blowout. And if you are, how is your hair taking the new Brazilian blowout so called formula? I fell that it last lest than two months and even after they reapply the treatment your hair does not feel as good and smooth as before.. Nilda

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