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I’m Displaying Addict Behavior

This morning I realized something that I do on a regular basis. I never noticed it before and when I actually SAW myself doing it, I froze in my place.

When I was younger and living with my grandmother, she used to make me go play her lotto numbers every single day…BUT she wouldn’t let me go to the same store. One day I would go up the block and the next I would walk a few avenues more just so the shop keepers couldn’t pick up on her… behavior.

I hated it! I listened because I was a child and that’s what children do, but I never understood why she wanted to hide her gambling from SHOP KEEPERS. I mean, they didn’t even know her name. WHO CARES RIGHT?

Well, this morning I went to get bagels and Starbucks for the family and then at about 11:30 or so I headed back out to run a few more errands. I pulled into a different Starbucks to get my drink because I don’t like to go to the same store twice in one day. Don’t want them to think I was an addict or something…

Wait a minute… isn’t that the same thing my grandmother used to do? I couldn’t believe it! The one thing I hated more than anything else is now something I do on a daily basis. Who cares if the Starbucks cashier knows that I drink 2 BTLs a day? Well, apparently I DO!!!!

Do you do something like this? With what?

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  1. I would do the same thing as you.. drive to find another Starbucks.. I don’t know if it’s for the same reason though…I don’t care if they think I’m an addict… I just don’t want them to think I accidently dumped my tea or coffee….I have no trepidations about going into a department store though..its’ the smaller ones that get me.. OCD with backtracking I guess!!

  2. Oh, you shouldn’t be ashamed! I work at sbux. A BTL is nothing to be scared of getting twice at the same store. There are PLENTY of customers who come more than 3x a day for their drinks. πŸ™‚

  3. hahaha, I love it! I would do the exact same thing….if we had more than one Sbux here! Luvs me some BTL-unsweetened of course! They gave me a sweetened one the other day and when i told them, they fixed it and gave me a coupon for a free drink! yum!

  4. Perhaps you can justify it by thinking: “maybe they’ll think I work in the area and this location is my only option.”

    I’m much more conscious of it at my local grocery store. I live very close to a LARGE grocery retailer, so naturally I pop in there frequently. I oftentimes go out of my way to go to other stores just to avoid being seen by the manager, who always seems to be there on duty at the front of the store when I’m there! I don’t want them to think I have some kind of food obsession – usually it’s just a lack of planning on my part. ((However, having worked in a grocery store, I know they have very small profit margins and they welcome regular customers, but still…))

    When I was younger and shopped a lot more than I do now, I couldn’t go into a store if I was wearing something I bought there.

  5. I get embarrassed when I’m a regular w/anything having to do with food. UNLESS it’s healthy food, lol….although even that can be cringe-inducing. I used to go to El Pollo Loco right by my work – they are prob the healthiest “fast” food around – Lindora diets even sends their weight loss clients there. Anyway, I got really embarrassed because the drive-thru knew me and knew what I would order every single time. They would smile, but I couldn’t figure out what KIND of smile it was, lol

  6. I used to work at a fastfood restaurant where we had a lot of regulars. I never thought it was odd. It’s actually fun, you sort of get to know people you normally wouldn’t meet. Like this older couple who would come in for breakfast, then ride 20 miles on their bicycles and come back for some coffee.

    By the way, if you walk into the same Starbucks twice in one day, they probably just think you like their BTL’s πŸ™‚

  7. I feel so much BETTER! LOL – and I”m not going to go nuts anymore trying to avoid the same Starbucks. I should just EMBRACE the addiction right?

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