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I’m Getting The Brazilian Blowout Today!

I went to a new hair salon yesterday to make an appointment to get my hair colored. My last appointment completely missed the mark and I got DARK DARK brown when I asked for honey highlights. I’m not that person that has the guts to go back to the salon and ask to fix a mistake. WISH I WAS!!! Instead, I just sucked it up the last three months HATING my hair for weeks on end.

But now…  I’ve officially moved onto a new place which is highly recommended by friends. I went in for a hair color appointment and couldn’t get one for almost a MONTH. I was like… seriously? She’s that busy?! I guess there’s something to be said about that.

While I reserving my slot AFTER CHRISTMAS I asked about The Brazilian Blowout. I got my hair done with Keratin in the past, but I think the guy who did it messed up because my results were nothing like those I’ve seen on other people. I figured to give it one more shot.

The Brazilian Blowout is a much better process than the one I did when it first came out. There is no 3 to 4 day WAIT to touch your hair. When I got it done last year, I wasn’t allowed to move my hair – no bobby pins, no sunglasses, no tucking hair behind your ear. I was going INSANE. You don’t notice how much you touch your hair until you aren’t allowed to touch your hair!
So, I never tried again because I didn’t want to go through the waiting period. But this is an entirely different ballgame so I’m giving it a go.

Will let you know how it is! Hoping the frizz gets tamed this time. EEK!

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  1. Too funny! I just made an appointment YESTERDAY to get mine done after xmas! I told my husband that since I spend almost ZERO on my hair all year, I’ve banked enough to cover it. ROFL But, Actually I’m using Christmas gifts for it. I’ve told everyone all I want is GC’s to the salon (plus the stylist is offering 25% off any new service – woot!)

    I cannot wait to hear what you think! (and see how it turned out!)

  2. Don’t do the Brazilian blowout!! What a lot of people still don’t realize (despite all the negative press) is that this treatment truly is a highly dangerous procedure. Keratin is NOT the only ingredient, and there are chemicals that are extremely dangerous, not just for you and your scalp, but also for everyone in the salon around you who are breathing in those toxic chemicals as you are having your hair done. There have been multiple reports of miscarriages and even deaths connected to the older treatment– do you really want to try a slightly “safer” version, which still contains significant amounts of those chemicals (like formaldehyde!!)? Just go for the Japanese straightening; it takes forever and it’s not cheap, but the results are amazing and you’ll be doing yourself a big favor.

    1. Japanese hair straightening is only for people who don’t bleach their hair. if you lighten your hair you can’t do it. not for everyone. ;(

    2. My girlfriend and I both work in the same salon, we were both pregnant about 6 days apart. Two days after a co worker did the brazillian blowout on a client we both “stopped feeling pregnant “. Neeless to say we both miscarried! I am determined to get this product banned ! And also concerned about the damage done to my system and any future pregnancies. We were the first two pregnant in the salon since we started carrying the product and I will now wait for a few healthy pregnancies and births by my co workers before I consider trying again.

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