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    No-one likes talking about deodorant and sweat stains. They’re unsightly, embarrassing and annoying. Once you get them, you either have to decide whether you want to throw away the item or not, even if its your favorite blouse. They’re especially unsightly on white clothes. Here’s a way to keep your clothing and get rid of those awful stains.

    Deo-go is a gel product that is designed for deodorant and sweat stains at the armpit. These stains are caused by deposits that are made worse by the heat in the washing and drying cycle. Deo-go’s active ingredients are made to target these deposits and get them out of your clothing, before washing. Its super easy to use. First, test the product on a small patch of the fabric. After you’ve established that it doesn’t make the color run, spray liberally on the stain, making sure its soaked from the back and the front. Scrub it in with a brush and leave it to stand for 20 minutes. You can then go ahead and wash it separately in the machine. Be sure to wash your hands after handling it. Your stain should be gone!

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