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Just Got In 20 Minutes Of Exercise While Cleaning My Bedroom: Here’s How

I told you before that I failed miserably at the gym. I was good for about 3 months and then it all just… ended. The want. The urge. My hair dresser told me that my blonde hair would turn green if I kept going in the pool. That’s all I needed to hear. LOL!

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to lose weight. I DO want to shed a few pounds  – like 7. Instead of me spending most of my day THINKING about how I WISH I was putting in the effort, I decided to actually put in the effort.

Slow steps at first, right? I got really excited and taped a few work out routines from Fit TV which in theory would be cool. But I just can’t get around to dedicating an hour of my day to fitness.

I thought I’d just squeeze it in while running my everyday errands.

So, today I cleaned my bedroom and instead of bringing a garbage bag in with me, I walked back and forth to the kitchen every single time I had something to throw away. I purposely was not being efficient which forced me to get some cardio. I was rushing around back and forth to my kitchen, kids’ bedrooms and living room. If I found a toy I would walk it to my kids room then come back and look for another. I know it sounds ridiculous, but there would be no other way for me to actually put in the effort. This worked for me today and I feel good about my brisk indoor walk.

Thank goodness Bill wasn’t around to see me in action. I looked like a crazy person! But now my bedroom is clean and I got in a bit of cardio. So, it’s all good.

What do you do to get in a few minutes here and there?


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  1. I’m still hooked on Jillian’s dvds. When I don’t have a chunk of time to commit, I always use her 30 day shred because it’s quick but intense. I just cancelled my gym membership to cut back our expenses for the winter so now I’m going to solely work out at home and use the equipment I already have.

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