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    Blinged-Out Eye Wear

    When founder Phyllis Lubarsky started Outer Vision, she wanted to offer personalized service to her eyewear customers and allow them the chance to design their glasses based on their personal lifestyles. Twenty years later, Phyllis is still doing this. With clients that include Quincy Jones, Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, Phyllis’ brand of optical service is like no other.
    Outer Vision’s latest collection is Queen of Bling. These Swarovski-encrusted frames are as wild and fun as you want them to be. For the more conservative, there are the classic aviators. If you’re feeling adventurous, go for the leopard designed sunglasses with detailing at the sides. You can choose the color or colors, the design and intensity of the color. For kids who love their names on everything, Phyllis can put that on, as well. With a wide array of crystals to choose from, this is a dream for women who like bling.
    Besides customizing eyewear, Outer Vision can also add that personal touch to anything you own. When I visited Phyllis, she had a blinged-out stapler, pen, hair accessories, watches, bracelets…you name it. My favorite of the entire line is the aviators. With a simple single line of brown crystals around the rim, these are the perfect complement to any outfit.
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    *Company provided sample for review.

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