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    VLOG: Natalie’s Having A Blast With Her Video Barbie

    We have to start being careful around Natalie. She’s been secretly recording us!! Last night we went out to dinner and she taped us driving and talking in the car, walking to the restaurant and eating. I was like What?!!

    She did like 15 videos. Cr-azy. Here’s one she did this morning. AGAIN she was taping me without me knowing.

    Oy vey. But the Video Girl Barbie is really cute.

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    1. She sign off her message to you the same way you do on your vlogs hahaha OMG that’s a handfull little one. She is really smart! kids these days are amazing.

    2. Omg, she’s so hilarious. She’s filming her own little reality show. She is SO your mini-me!!!!! Natalie needs her own iMac so she can make vlogs. bwahahahaa!

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