Concept Korea Show at New York Fashion Week

The Concept Korea Spring 2011 was made up of collections from three fashion designers. The clothes were distinct and attention-grabbing. The three Korean designers were Kwak Hyun Joo (PUCCA), Lee Juyong (RESURRECTION), and Lee Jean Youn (LEE JEAN YOUN).

The first collection was a fun mix of bold colors and muted tones, with an emphasis on the female figure. The skirts were unforgivingly short and cinched at the waist, flaring outward. Bright green, blue and orange was used in structured jackets and pencil trousers. The hair for the show was slicked back with a high ponytail. The mood of the collection was fun but sexy.

The next collection was menswear. Black and dark colors were used liberally. Again, panels were present. The clothes were a fun mixture of fabrics, with leather and netting being used in the same outfit. The open-toe shoe is also definitely a hit with men this season.

The last collection featured models with incredibly high ponytails and sharp silhouettes. The colors were a mix of black and peach, with some white. Waists were high and the narrow-legged trouser was featured frequently.

The show was done to the backdrop of funky techno beats. All in all, these were creative collections, designed for the girl who loves to stand out in a crowd.

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