Mytagalongs- on the fly, on the move, on the groove!

Busy? Travel Much? On the go? Then you have to check out Mytagalongs! The perfect solution for all of us busy women! Whether you are busy being a mom, busy traveling for work or for fun, or just plain busy, Mytaglongs have several products that will make your life that much easier!

From the women that introduced you to ready-to-wear disposable underwear! Yes…they have it! No more running out of clean underwear on a trip! These could come in handy for the traveling woman! I honestly never knew these existed….They are comfy too!

Do you have a purse hook yet? If not…GET ONE! Another great product offered by Mytagalongs. No more setting your purse on the dirty floor or on the back of your chair where someone could reach in and grab your wallet behind your back!

Another one of their products that I loved is their purse organizer! I can NEVER find my keys…or my cell phone…or my check book (yes, I still use my checkbook sometimes!) so the organizer has made my life a little easier. Plus, it’s that much easier to switch purses! I just pull the whole organizer out and switch it to the next purse!

They have a large selection of products to make your life easier. Available in stores all over Canada and also available online at

*company sent sample for review

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