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A Day At The Beach – Nautica Style

I was asked by Nautica to head on over to the beach with my family and use some of their product line while enjoying the sun. How can I say no to that?! Unfortunately, I invited my cousin Erica who has one of the SICKEST bodies I’ve ever seen. My other cousin Erin and I wouldn’t even take off our cover-ups next to that hot young thannnggg. Darn that girl. Darn her.

Anyway the kids, Bill and I were rocking out in Nautica bathing suits. I naturally was wearing a Terry Cloth cover up because… you know the drill. Two kids and a million stretch marks later – my stomach has seen the last of day.

The kids were fighting over the chair (which I have to say was extremely comfortable) and our youngest guest Christian was so happy we had the umbrella with us because BOY was it windy!! Once we put him in his tent he knocked out for HOURS. Gave his parents a nice little break.

Liam decided that he would make sure we were all safe from the seagulls. Every time one of them came anywhere NEAR us he would run like a maniac to shoo them away. It was HILARIOUS. And if you were wondering, he DID NOT go in the water. My boy is not a beach kind of guy. That’s ok – he had fun anyway.

Before we knew it the day had passed and it was dinner time!! We took our chances with the kids and headed out to a bar for wings and drinks. The kids were REALLY well behaved – so we all got a chance to chat and laugh together. Nothing beats a day with family. Nothing.

In case you are in the market for some clothes, Nautica is having a MEGA SALE – I’m talking up to 60% off!! Click here to check it out.

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  1. Totally Random: lol.

    I had a dream about you last night. lol. Apparently you ran some contest and 30 of your readers won a trip to your house. Somehow, we all managed to be able to stay in your house together. haha. Then you started asking me about where I live and about Smith Mountain Lake in VA and you said you wanted to visit there. lol. I just thought I’d share…it was totally weird.

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