Fall 2010 Product Line Launch For Pur Minerals

Pur Minerals launched their Fall 2010 products and I love them already! They also have an IPhone application that women are going to love. First, new makeup!!

Pur Makeup offers you two fall palettes: Earthly Treasures and Heavenly Delights. Each kit comes with various products that make up a complete look so you’re not left guessing. Earthly Treasures is a sunkissed look, with bronze colors that make you look vacationed. This set comes with a powder, an eye shadow trio, a lip gloss and an eye shadow brush. Heavenly Delights is more of a fantasy fairytail look. Think Twilight meets winter. This one contains a translucent powder with a multi-purpose red powder (that can be used as blush, lip stick or eye shadow), an eye shadow trio, a lip gloss and a powder brush. Each set costs only $30, though they’re valued at $75. These are available in October.

Now, you can test out Pur Minerals products and see which colors are best suited for your skin tone and your look without committing to buying anything until you’re sure you love how it looks on you. How? With the IPhone application, you can upload a picture of yourself and click on the product. The product appears on your picture! You can change the shade until you find the right one. You can also choose entire looks that their resident makeup artist, Jackie Gomez, put together, without having to choose individual products. If you’re not loving it, its as easy as undoing it and starting over. No need to dig up the receipt from the tunnels of your handbag, go to store and return the product. No more of buying sealed makeup at the store because you want to make sure its clean and no-one else has touched it, only to realize when you get home, that the colors make you look clownish. After you’ve found the right look for you, you can share your picture on Facebook, as well as save it to take to the store or for shopping online. You can even send the picture to your friends via email.

Pur Minerals products can be found at ULTA stores, Dillard’s and select Regis salons as well as at www.purminerals.com.

Written by Tabitha

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Tabitha St. Bernard is a Trinidadian sustainable designer and blogger. She co-founded and designs the Zero Waste clothing label, Tabii Just, which is made in NYC. She blogs for ladyandtheblog.com, gettinggorgeous.com, styleandthestartup.com, fitceleb.com and thexcene.com. Her personal blog is tabsonfashion.com.