VLOG: Fashion Hauling (I Can’t Stop Buying Dresses)

Admittedly, I’m going to return one of the dresses I show in this Fashion Hauling video – but seriously… what is WRONG with me? All these dresses? It’s INSANE. I have to stop. There is no place to put them. Bill owns more clothes than I do so I can’t steal room in his closet. He refuses to get rid of the clothes he used to wear when he was 60 pounds heavier.

Oh and by the way… try to count how many times I say “you know”. You know! You know… oh and you know? 🙂

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  1. Keep the little black one – don’t return it! You could wear it out to dinner on vacation! It’s so cute! 🙂

  2. I love you Vera!!! You crack me up. I can relate to you about having way to many dresses. It’s still never enough.

  3. wow. i think its an insane idea to wear flipflops on a plane. especially in summer. i dont know if u are taking a domastic or international flight, but the last 12 flights i took over the last year i was freezing. i remember last june when i went to california there was an italian girl in shorts and flipflops who was shaking 4-5 hours from philadelphia to LAX. It’s awfull especially in summer. you come from outside and its really hot, and in the plane it’s really cold. the temperaturedifference can be enormous.

    nice dresses though. do you ever get in trouble with your husband for buying so many things?

  4. Vera, I am addicted to the sample sale sites also! I just got 2 scarves, 4 pair of shoes…and 2 purses. I have run out of room also, but I need to do a total closet makeover through-out the entire house.

    One bad thing is that THREE pairs of the shoes do not fit despite being my size. I’ve never had to exchange anything – I really hope they can do it because I LOVE the shoes. Two pair were only $14 each – one is leopard print ballet flats and the other is a denim print ballet flat. Very cute.

    Love the videos, keep it up !

  5. Oh, I’m also a sucker for the jewelry on these sites…I keep getting credits. Lots of fun to get those babies.

    Also found some really great deals on kitchen items and housewares (Michael Kors sheets with a high thread count – heaven!)

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