VLOG: Fashion Hauling (Ideeli Style)

I can’t help myself with that darn site. Take a look at some of the dresses I found on ideeli!

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  1. Bwahaha I do the exact same thing with coat hangers over my head – my mum finds it amusing when I go shopping I slip the old coat hanger over my head!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the items you got especially the first dress..

  2. I think the flowy dress will be perfect for your vacation, Vera. I like what you said about getting the neckline tailored a bit because a plunging neckline and lots of cleavage were not your thing. The key to dressing well is being true to what you are comfortable with. A lot of people associate comfort with “frumpy” or “old”. So not the case! Comfortable just means “I don’t spend the majority of my time adjusting”…it just fits nicely. Love the dress choices.

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