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    The Last Airbender… Here I Come


    I’m working right now over on INO. As I was inputting one of the stories I saw that ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ is advertising on my site. I almost DIED. That cartoon (and I am going to sound like a child right now I know) is my absolute FAVORITE. I watched the entire series and used to DVR it so the kids didn’t know. There’s fighting and I didn’t want Natalie to watch, so when they went to bed I would put it on.

    Tomorrow I have my mother coming over to babysit and I am drrraaaggggiiiinnnngggggg my husband to the theatre. Literally. He used to HATE when I watched that cartoon! LOL! But the movie looks like he will enjoy it.

    Confess – do you have something you LOVE that you shouldn’t? I can’t be the only one!!!

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    1. (blushing face) im 26 and i watch a disney animation movie every night to fall asleep. i absolutely love them n my fave is finding nemo ;o)

    2. I am 24 and I love the disney channel. Hannah Montanna, Wizards of Waverly Place, So Random… its really insane and my husband makes fun of me for it.

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