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Business, Pleasure, And A Birthday Party That Even The Rain Couldn’t Stop

(Audrey is severely claustrophobic – here we are in a 2 person elevator)

I can’t even TELL you how much I love working with my partner, Audrey McClelland. We spend more time laughing than actually working… which may or may not be a good thing (depending on who you ask). I met up with her on Friday and we ran a few errands for the business.

Saturday came and it was the big day! The birthday party I’ve been planning for ages. I have SO many pictures to work through and will post everything this week. The kids had a ton of fun and the thunderstorm that hit Long Island LITERALLY started 5 minutes after the last guest left. We started at 1030AM and luckily the skies didn’t open up until right after 1. PHEW! I don’t know WHAT I would have done if I had to bring everyone inside.


And I know this picture is HIGHLY photoshopped, but Bill and I booked a vacation FINALLY. We spoke about it today and got a pretty good deal for an all inclusive resort (something I’ve never tried). We aren’t bringing the kids which I know is bittersweet. I just thought it would be great to have some adult fun and not have to worry about getting to bed at 8PM. It’s a short trip – but one that I cannot WAIT to go on.

More tomorrow…

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  1. Do tell where you are going! I am envious. My husband could go FOREVER without leaving our city. We haven’t had a vacation since 2007. Gosh that is effing depressing :(….. Will someone please talk some sense into this man?!?!

    1. I haven’t ever been on a vacation with my husband. Never. I CRAVE one so badly.

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  3. Your party looked great, the vacation looks amazing. Now you are getting so tiny if that is you holding the blonde in a hug. TINY!!

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