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    I Just Need You Now

    There’s something to be said about not owning any kid CDs for the car. Oops! My friend and I need to start finding more kid appropriate music. This is what happens when you have a second child. With Natalie – I had every single personalized cd out there in rotation. Ever since I had Liam, it’s Z100 and Power 95. My husband’s worse – he puts on talk radio! So the kids either hear about politics or sports. “Mommy, what’s a deficit?”

    PS – they sang this song about 15 times in a row. This was the second time. By the 12th they were screaming the lyrics and running all over the place. Bill and I were hysterically laughing. My dogs were frightened and in the room. Liam eventually joined in on the fun too. 🙂

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    1. ADORABLE!!! and hilarious! I did the same with my first daughter…had all the kiddie cd’s etc….but when my 2nd came along, it was so diff. Radio, Mommy CD’s, Hanna Montana etc….i almost felt like i was robbing her of the Elmo right of passage all kids get. But honestly, I dont think I could listen to that stuff anymore! Too cute Vera!

    2. LOL Too cute!! My 2 year old LOVES this song too. She listens to about everything expect for rap and if I do listen to it, it’s radio edit. Another favorite is OMG by Usher. Don’t get me wrong Yo Gabba Gabba is on strong rotation at our house but there is only so much I can take.

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