Real vs Steal Lindsay Lohan

Get Lindsay Lohan’s REAL look for $4,055.

Or STEAL her style for less than $220.

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  1. I loved the sold-out Jimmy Choo bag above..until I clicked on it and saw it’s made of pony skin :(….. I had a super cute pair of shoes I bought once – when I saw the materials were pony skin, back they went!

  2. lol, lindsey is so wild! i can’t believe she’s going back to rehab!

  3. I even now can’t reckon that lindsay whom we know as right now is exactly the same lindsay in which starred in herbie the love bug as well as mean girls. It is just a total travesty to discover which the legal courts have dealt with this and just how a hollywood firm paid 7 figures for the story following she gets outside of jail. absolutely nothing sexier then hollywood glorifying criminal activity. The entire lohan household are entirely out of their brains. Dina and Micheal made a real great job…not.

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