Tide Provides Support To Those Affected By Natural Disaster


Everyone knows Tide detergent. Did you know, though, that they help provide clean clothing to people who have been affected by natural disasters? Tide washes, dries and folds victims’ laundry for them so that’s one less thing they have to stress about.
I take my laundromat for granted all the time. They’re just around the corner and are always open and available. After natural disasters, like hurricanes or earthquakes, though, these buildings and businesses are affected, along with the people. Sometimes the buildings are completely destroyed and not able to do business out of. Tide comes in with a truck and a bunch of vans that hold over 32 washers and dryers. These machines are energy efficient and can take care of over 300 loads of laundry EVERY DAY! That’s an insane amount of laundry but if an entire community has lost their homes, it’s sufficient. The Tide staff not only ride in to the rescue, they actually do the laundry for the victims.

During natural disasters involving the loss of such basic things like food and water, having someone do your laundry is a huge load (no pun intended) off some very tired shoulders. The Tide trucks have been to LA, San Diego, Texas and North Dakota, to name a few. Tide is currently turning their focus to Haiti. Tide Loads of Hope promises to match donations and they’ve reached a whooping $250,000!
If you’d like to help, you can buy a TShirt from or simply visit to site to learn more about the awesome things Tide Loads of Hope are doing and can possibly do for you if your community ends up in such a crisis.

Written by Tabitha

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