ConAir MiniPro Line Offers Easy Solutions For Frequent Travelers


The worst part about traveling for me is not being able to bring along all the things I’m comfortable with, like my favorite hairdryer. The ones in hotel bathrooms never have diffusers. When I saw Conair’s MiniPRO hairdryer, I loved it immediately. Firstly, its small. Its not even as tall as my palm but promises to be just as powerful as the bigger versions. This Tourmaline Ceramic Styler keeps the cuticle layer smooth, thus leading to hair that is silky, shiny and healthy. This adorable little tool is perfect for travel. Conair even included a cute travel pouch with a zipper closure. What I love about the MiniPRO is that is comes with a mini diffuser and a concentrator. The diffuser is used for curly or wavy hair and the concentrator helps you achieve straight styles. This tool is available for only $21.99.



In the MiniPRO line, there’s also curling irons, in a variety of barrel sizes. These heat up super quickly so that you don’t spend too much time in the bathroom while you’re on vacation. There’s also a multi-functional styler that can create soft waves or straighten your hair. Its a choice you don’t have to make while packing. Conair even offers Compact Hot Rollers. The pack comes with 10 rollers and it takes only 90 seconds to heat up. You can create tight barrel curls or pretty beach waves, depending on how long you leave the rollers in for.

To see more products from the MiniPRO line, go to www.conair-store.com.

Written by Tabitha

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