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Robert Verdi Hosts Bacardi Bash


Yes, Robert Verdi is skinnier than I am. No, I don’t hate him for it.

Yesterday I was in the city ALL day. I had 7 events to attend (I made 6 of them) and this was the last one I hit. All my make up is gone. My necklace is in my bag. Man… I’m lucky I still had my bra on. I was DONE.

I’m an old lady! I can’t handle 11-9 days anymore.

Robert is actually attending Audrey McClelland and my ‘Getting Gorgeous‘ event in NYC this summer – so I was happy to see him again. His space is just absolutely BEAUTIFUL. As soon as I walked Bill in the apartment I started zipping my husband around showing him all the cool nooks and crannies.

Bacardi was the sponsor of the party because they were unveiling two new “ready to drink” entertaining solutions – Pina Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri!! You no longer have to worry about putting together these cocktails for your friends. Pour over ice and serve. YUM.

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