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Lady and The Blog experienced an evening of Fresh Perspectives with Dove. Dove’s latest deodorant, Go Fresh in Revive, is a mix of pomegranate and lemon verbena. There’s an accompanying body mist that’s perfect for summer because its light and the scent is subtle. The drink of the evening was, naturally, a pomegranate mix.


The first presenter was beauty editor, Leah Wyar. She clued us in on some of the hottest trends in the world of beauty. Here are a few:

1) Look-At-Me Eyes- achieve the look by lining your top eyelid with black eyeliner. Wing it out slightly at the end. Finish with tons of mascara.

2) Flawless Skin-Treat skin well by drinking tons of water and always washing makeup off at night.

3)Cherry Lips- Red lips always get you noticed!

4) Healthy Hair- Sexy, shiny, well-conditioned hair is in.

Leah told us that men are hardwired to notice bright eyes, shinny hair and red lips. Hmmm….

Douglas Tomczak, from the Dove Scent Labs, let us know that it takes over a hundred tries to get the scent right. That’s a ton of smelling! Jeremy Spears from Marie Claire, summarized the looks that ruled the runways this past season. Things I am loving:

1)The Big Knit- steal your boyfriend’s sweater and belt it.

2) 70s chic-this era is killing it right now! Think high waisted trousers, silk blouses and shorts with blazers.

3)The New Modesty-clothes are more ladylike and appreciative of a woman’s curves.

Julie and Marissa from Seventeen Magazine talked about the fun new things that they are doing to get readers involved. For instance, they have a Style Council that consists of real girls who will be answering questions and writing about fashion, as well as doing awesome tasks, like covering Fashion Week for the magazine.

Lastly, Dove introduced us to three ladies who will be Dove Deodorant Correspondents. They will be blogging with Dove, Cosmo, Marie Claire and Seventeen all summer about Dove’s deodorants. They each have such great stories! Be sure to go to www.dove.us to follow their blogs.

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