Didget: Bayer’s Diabetes Care System


If you have a child who is a diabetic, you know that testing their blood glucose level could be like pulling teeth. Its not the most exciting thing in the world to do and kids would much rather be playing than drawing blood. Here’s a way to make it a fun activity. Bayer’s Diabetes Care recently introduced the Didget in the US. The Didget is the only blood glucose monitoring system that connects to Nintendo DS and DS Lite (the Nintendo DS and DS Lite are not needed for the system to work). This is sure to get your kid’s attention! The system rewards points for managing their blood glucose level and encourages them to unlock new game levels for an amazing gaming experience.

The Didget is designed for ages 4-14 and opens up a world of games that are so cool, your child may forget that they’re testing their glucose level. Nick Jonas is a spokeperson.

The Didget is available for under $100 at, and For more information on how the Didget can work for your child, go to

Written by Tabitha

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