Hylunia Organic Skin Line


Here’s a beauty line to take note of if you’re tired of all the strange ingredients in your beauty products. Hylunia is a line of organic products made for people with sensitive skin. Apparently, most of the ingredients in our favorite products can lead to inflammation that can burden the immune system, lead to premature aging and even cause cancer! Scary! Hylunia’s goal is to provide products that calm and soothe your skin, leaving it less susceptible to environmental stresses, like pollution. Now for the list of things that are NOT in Hylunia products:

  • NO paraben which is linked to breast cancer.
  • NO Grapefruit Seed Extract which has a chemical structure similar to that of paraben. Not everything natural is good for your skin!
  • NO carcinogenic ingredients like dyes and pesticides.
  • NO fragrance, which can slow the healing process, if you have an inflammation.
  • NO lead, mercury and arsenic that, besides just sounding like they have no place on my skin, can affect the nervous system.
  • NO alcohol which dries and irritates skin.

Hylunia products are also not tested on animals and is 100% vegan. Could it be any more good?

The line includes a wide range of products from exfoliating scrubs to oils that soothe the mind and body. There are also day lotions, night treatments, toners, mists, masks and cleansing gels so you can give your beauty routine a complete overhaul.

For a more extensive list of their benefits and stores where you can purchase their products, check out their website, www

Written by Tabitha

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  1. This reminds me of some skincare that was being sold on the sample sale sites. Vera, have you ever bought skincare from ideeli or another site? I’m just wondering if it was any good (not expired).

    Btw, I have to share with someone! I just made out on sample sale site Beyond The Rack! I got a cute pair of pink Levi’s tennis shoes, a sheer black scarf and three awesome purses – all for $131 delivered.I am excited!


    I don’t buy makeup online – I am pretty brand loyal. Elizabeth Arden foundation and Fresh cleansing products.

    Though actually I did get stuff from E.L.F last year that I LOVED during a MEGA SALE I couldn’t resist

  3. My son who is 4 had eczema on his arms. His skin is sensitive. I tried the Healing and Restoring cream on him and the Eczema was going in less than a week. I also use the Colloidal Silver spray and that product I cannot live without. It kills so many different bacteria and viruses! It is amazing. I have a habit of getting cold sores from stress and sun, and since I have been using that every night as part of my skincare routine I have not had one! :o) I would highly recommend Hylunia’s products…it is worth it!

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