I Can’t Stop Licking My Lips! C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine Is Awesome


I’m not a lip balm kinda gal. When Bath and Body Works sent me a sample of their C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine it remained unopened for several days. Every morning I would pass it knowing I had to give it a shot for the blog and then I finally peeled off the wrapper and applied.

I haven’t stopped since.

The balm gives high shine with a refreshing cooling sensation thanks to Peppermint Oil. YUM!! It almost looks like I am eating my mouth because I keep sucking off the gloss. LOL!! I know that’s not what is  supposed to be happening, but it IS happening. The smell and the taste is just so refreshing and my lips are as smooth as can be.

Made with 100% Natural Mint Flavor. Fragrance-Free.

Available at Bath and Body Works for $7.50

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  1. I love this also. I have it in Pink Sheer. It’s also 92% organic. I got it from Bath & Body works in a special purse deal – it was $20 for the purse, the lipgloss, an aroma bug plus the supplies for it, a body spray, a shower poof, a body lotion…and something else I think. It was a great deal and I will DEF be buying the Bigelow lip sheer again.

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