Fashion Hauling VLOG (Yes, I’m In My PJs)

I don’t know what made me decide to make a fashion hauling video at 9:00 in the morning, but here we all are. In the video, I talk about this being my second VLOG of the day – strike that. The original video I made cut off my entire head and I wasn’t really showing anything spectacular in it – so let’s just pretend it never happened.

I’m looking for basics gang! Khaki skirts etc – CHEAP. So if you know of any, please leave a comment on this post. ALSO – if you have a fashion hauling video you’d like to share, let me know. Would love to check it out.

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  1. You’re so cute!! I’m obsessed with ideeli since I accidently clicked on an ad that was on your INO site a few months ago! I should do a hauling video! I definitely have a shopping problem!

  2. Have you checked out Lands End for swimsuits? I just ordered two. You can mix and match and they actually have some really cute styles.

  3. Go to the beach in your pajamas, Vera – love it, LOL! That’s basically what I’ve been doing. I MUST buy a bathing suit,but the idea of it makes me quiver and vomit. When I went swimming in my PARENT’S I wore a bra, huge t-shirt, shorts….for god’s sake! I need to find something to strap my huge gazonga’s down and I can’t find it. I fantasize about having a breast reduction. In the meantime, I am going back to Weight Watchers on Thursday, big sigh! To entice myself into finally going back, I made a bargain with myself – to initially return and weigh in, I get to buy myself something from the clothing store next door to WW. After that, for every 5 lbs. I lose, I get to go drop $$ next door also. Gee, if it works, I will have a completely new wardrobe by the time I reach my goal weight, LOL! :)~

  4. Vera, forgot to mention – I have a Gap khaki skirt from their STRETCH line. The inside label has that word. Not sure if they make them anymore, but I LOVE that skirt. It’s actually a hand-me-down from my BFF – she got too skinny at WW to wear it. It still looks great after 3 years. It’s got pockets and hits a few inches above the knee.

  5. I love that top that you are going to return! LOL! Well, I love everything you pick out – you have great taste. 😉

    I almost never order clothes online anymore because I’ve had terrible luck in the past and it’s such a PITA to return it when you can’t try things on.

    Your jammies are adorable. 🙂 LOL

  6. CapturingLife, I never have luck ordering online either. And I suck at returning stuff.

  7. I don’t know if you have an audience for Avenue (plus size), Vera…I started WW again today and promised myself new clothes if I went to weigh in. So…$75.00 later (3 shirts, 1 pr shorts, 4 pr. earrings) I did a fashion haul video, but I am being dense and can’t even figure out how to re-name it, let alone post the URL…ugh!

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