Lock In New Hairstyle With Hold Hairspray


Living Proof’s Hold Hairspray is a different kind of hairspray. It’s the hairspray that lets you have complete control, but allows flexibility with a non-flaking formula leaving you with beautiful hair styles every day. This hairspray is for anyone who wants to lock in their hair style but in a natural looking way. It allows for movement, softness and provides incredible shine.

Why is it different: Hold hair spray contains PolyfluoroEster technology, which helps prevent the effects of humidity from damaging one’s style. Living Proof scientists also use a blend of polymers that, when combined, forms a flexible “web” that holds the strands together, but never freezes them in place. Hold will not flake or leave hair looking dull, no matter how many times you layer it. Hair retains its shape, incredible shine, and flexibility, making the use of Hold virtually foolproof.

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*Sample provided for review*
Written by Chaucee

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