Sleeping Masks That Don’t Look Like You Stole Them Off An Airplane

Sometime I need to throw something over my eyes when it’s too light in my room. That darn cable box light can be BLINDING at 2AM. When I am in need of some extra coverage, I use a sleep mask. Mine is… rather ugly if I’m being honest. I went online to see what I could find and came up with a few cute alternatives.


Cat Eye Mask – $18


Soft Satin – $18


H0und’s Tooth – $18


Floral – $18

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  1. I am picky about my sleep masks – they have to be really soft and kinda silky..I can’t stand having seams or any stitching on the part that touches the eyes. Anyway, I was really surprised/happy to find one that fits the bill at Bed Bath and Beyond – and it was only $7.99

  2. The only complaint I have w/my cheapie one so far is that it adjusts w/velcro – I love that it is adjustable, but my hair has gotten tangled in the velcro.

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