Throwing A Party? It’s All About The Details


Remember when times were simpler and all we needed was a wind up toy and a hulu hoop? Yeah… I’m beginning to miss those days more and more the older I get.

It’s no secret I’m planning my kids’ joint birthday party and have been actively looking online for the perfect touches to add to the festivities. I don’t want to hire the whole circus… but I do want to give the day that Carnival feel.


Check out these great wind up toys I found online at! They have an INSANE variety! I’m planning on placing a few of these on each of the kid tables and dessert trays. Figured the kids could play with them as they are munching on some cupcakes. Did I mention I plan on baking like 6,000 cupcakes? Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit… but I’ve given myself quite the task.


If you’re looking for gift bag fun, check out these ‘Pocket Critters‘. The game would be great for quick car trips or walks through the mall. Whenever your little one needs something to do – whip one of these bad boys out and problem is solved.

Have you thrown a party where you paid attention to small details? Would love to hear about your experiences.

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  1. I just had a carnival for my Sydney- We did pvc pipe wrapped w/red ribbon to create the game stalls- it was too cute and not pricey.

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