Haiden Surf – Everything Your Little Boy Needs To Gear Up For Summertime Fun



I LOVE the summer – but my kids love it more. They can’t wait to toss away their boots and grab and cool pair of flip flops. A few weeks ago I began to get my two little ones ready for the beach. They are young enough to need new clothes each season. It’s such a shame we can’t reuse last year’s wardrobe, but that’s what cousins are for right?


Haiden Surf was my solution. My boy is FAIR skinned. I’m talking IRISH heritage people. So I never let him go outside in the sun without protection in multiple layers. Sunscreen PLUS clothing that has SPF built in. You can never be too safe right? I’m so happy I thought ahead and stocked up on a shirt he can wear while at the beach. The LAST thing I need is a burned belly.



The company sells everything from flip flops, to bathing suits, to hats… errrr I mean lids. {{Gotta get up on that surfer lingo. }} Their styles are really cool too – can’t go wrong with any of their selections.

Have you started to gear up for the summer? We only have a few weeks left!

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