Kushyfoot Flats To Go – Relief When And Where You Need It


Typically, I have a policy where I won’t review a product if someone sends it unsolicited. I will make an exception for this post because I think the ‘Kustyfoot Flats To Go‘ is a must have for heel wearers! You know those days where you are stuck in heels and are just DYING to rip them off? I have many times had a silent debate over how dirty the NYC streets really are. I mean, you can’t REALLY catch anything by walking 2 blocks or so barefoot right? {wrong!!!}


Well, if only these puppies were around when I used to go clubbing until the wee hours of the morning. I would have stocked them in my clutch every Friday night! No worries.  I still have many more nights where I will make use of this product.

The ‘Flats to Go’ are not something you should plan on wearing all day. That’s not their purpose. It’s really about providing relief when you just can’t take your heels anymore. You know, like the SECOND you leave a party or the work office. I love it! And for $8.99 – you will too.

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  1. Re: catching stuff by walking around barefoot. Gross and true story – one of my friend’s brothers walked around barefoot in his locker room. Wound up going to the hospital to be treated for a blood infection. I guess he had a scrape on his foot…and ick…the germs got in! The horror!!

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