Vera’s Fashion Hauling Video: Bill Made Me Do It :)

I wouldn’t have another fashion hauling video to post had it not been for my husband being late picking me up. So blame these purchases on Bill! That’s what I did. LOL!

If you have a Fashion Hauling video, leave a link on this post to share! Would love to see you in action.

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  1. Hi Vera! Just a comment to tell you that we are a group of fans from a little village of South of France!!!!!!We adore your blog and we read it every single day!!!!!!It is everything we love : celebrities, gossips, fashion, food, and we even improve our English reading it!!!!!!Thank you for your work Vera!!!!!!Sophie, Aurélie, Christelle, Camille and Pauline.

  2. Sophie…I love your country. I just had to get that out!

    Vera, very cute stuff. Wow, you did all that in 10-15 min…you could start another career as a power shopper. I take FOREVER to shop!!

  3. FRANCE!!! Hey girls – thanks so much for commenting! Made my morning. 🙂

    Leslie – I do not look through racks. I don’t have the patience. So I walk around the store very slowly one time and scan whatever I can see. My thought is that the store will promote their best items – so why not take advantage of those stylists.

    I actually grabbed those items in about 4 minutes. Then I waited on line for the rest. LOL!

  4. Vera – Too funny – I have the same Jenny Han blouse. I bought it at OFF SAKS in Deer Park the other day. Where is the shirt you are wearing in the video from? What designer? I love it and it looks so nice on you! Your hair also looks great. Luv luv luv your sites.

  5. I love them all! I bet Bill will start showing up 10 minutes early from now on. hahaha

    Did Kyle come this week? I hope you guys have a great time! 🙂

  6. Vera, if I’m trying stuff on, forget it! And I hate trying stuff on – it takes forever. If I grab and go, I’m quick but I usually wind up w/stuff to return and I’m terrible at returns. You’re more disciplined than I am 🙂

    I love when Bill does the okay sign in front of the camera. You guys would be fun to hang out with 🙂

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