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Bringing It Back To The Basics – Legos and Crayons


Last night my husband went to an event for me in the city. I have officially limited my trips into Manhattan down to 2 a week and already went in for meetings on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Bill was such a trooper. He attended the Microsoft KIN launch and got a chance to mingle with other adults without having to talk about potty training or school schedules. He had a blast and the KIN is super cool! I want to play with it a bit more before I do my write up, but it makes social media interacting SO EASY from what I’ve gathered so far.

I digress.

While Bill was in NYC, I spent the evening tidying up the bedroom (because a tornado somehow made it into my house and ripped the room apart) and hanging with the kids. We spent the night coloring, reading and playing with Legos.

Last Christmas, I bought them way too many presents. After they opened everything up, I hid about half of them in the attic because it was just too much. Yesterday, I went up and picked out two to bring down for the first time since December. One of them was this animal Legos set. I didn’t know how the kids would feel about Legos because they never played with them before. WELL, Natalie and Liam were completely engaged. They didn’t ask for the television ONCE and sat very quietly playing with one another shaping and reshaping their zoo. What a treat!

I literally just sat and watched them interact. It was so calm. So easy. Then, when they woke up today – the two rushed back to the kitchen to continue playing with the zoo. What a HIT!

Makes me second guess my need to get them things that plug in. Sometimes it’s just all about the basics right?

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  1. I’m trying to motivate the kids to learn with all kind of stuff adapted to their preferences and “trends”. To motivate them, each of them gets 2 personalized notepads with whatever design they create – it teaches them some graphic design skills too. I found a relatively cheap site that does small orders http://www.coolnotepads.com
    I also let them get some personalized pens and other objects.
    Hope it’ll work better this year

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