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What A Wonderful Day With The Family


Today was a great day. I LOVE writing for ‘Lady and the Blog’ because I’m allowed to bring my kids to the majority of the parenting events that I attend. It’s the main reason why I started it. I love to blog and I love to connect with everyone – but I wanted to do it without compromising my time spent with Natalie, Liam and Bill.

I owe you a full write up about the Frigidaire event (and that is most certainly on its way), but I wanted to share a few quick shots from earlier today.

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We headed on down to Chelsea Market and met up with a few of my very good friends in the mommy blogging world.


Natalie got to see one of her favorite people – Miss Mackenzie!! They became best buds when we went down to Disney together thanks to Hanes earlier in the year.


Then I got to meet Jennifer Garner who was an absolute PLEASURE. She was in NO RUSH. She hung out with us, joked around, took a million pictures. Totally the sweetest celebrity I’ve ever met.  (More about her later)

2010-04-30 18.35.55

2010-04-30 18.36.38

When we came home, I whipped out the bikes and the chalk and invited a few friends over for an impromptu play date. We hung outside my house for a few hours and then Bill and I decided to go out to eat. Our original intention was to go to this Japanese restaurant that serves everything on a conveyor belt – but the traffic was SO crazy that we ended up going to one of our favorite Italian restaurants instead.

You eat outdoors with heat lamps surrounding you. It really was the perfect day. I have a TON of pictures to post from the Jen Garner event. Will get to that over the weekend.

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  1. So marvelous seeing you all again – even if briefly but for such an exciting event. Jennifer Garner was the most classy, genuine, and down to earth celebrity I’ve ever met. Loved her and the Frigidaire event with the snacks was too cute. Think this was one of Kenzie’s best days ever.And truly you hit on why the blogging is so wonderful for a Mom…. we can attend events with our families and include them in our work to strike a happy balance. And make wonderful new friendships along the way! xoxo

  2. LOL MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry – Ok the first restaurant is called Carousel and it’s in Great Neck http://www.carouselnewyork.com/

    We havent been there yet – but we have been TRYING to get there for a few weeks now .

    Our fail safe restaurant is Cipolini http://www.cipollinirestaurant.com/

    I’ve been eating there for like… the past 5 years and LOVE IT. Never gets old. Food is ALWAYS good and you get to sit outdoors which I really like. 🙂 GREAT place to go in the summer. After your meal you can go for a walk around the complex.

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