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All Oxi-Active Teaches ‘Lady And The Blog’ About Getting Clean


All Laundry Detergent launched their new detergent, All Oxi-Active, with a messy birthday-themed party for bloggers and their kids. I’m not a mom but I didn’t want to be left out, so I borrowed my friend’s son, Malakai, for the afternoon. The party was kiddie paradise, complete with an insanely talented balloon guy. He twisted and popped to the children’s delight, and created Thomas, Superman, Spiderman, aliens, you name it. We gratefully protected their clothing with blue Tshirts before they were let loose.


The children then chose whether they wanted to be in the grassed sports section or the princess section. Malakai headed to the grass. He got the chance to paint the liquid grass on his shirt. Most of the liquid ended up on the table cloth and across the table, and he quickly turned the paint brushes into drum sticks but he had a ball.

Most of the girls headed to the princess section and decorated cupcakes and cookies with chocolate, sprinkles, sugar, ice-cream, etc. This section definitely was the messier of the two. They needed no prompting to smear their shirts, the tablecloths and any lucky surrounding parents with the sweet, sticky stuff.


After their shirts were all colors of messy, they were dumped into the wash. When they were taken out, they were hung out to demonstrate that all the stains were completely gone (except the permanent marker, but it is called permanent for a reason).

(Video taken with VADO Pocket Camera)

Dr. Michele Borba, parenting expert and author of “The Big Book of Parenting Solutions” talked about the importance of play and letting children freely explore their environments without freaking out about stains on their clothing. All Oxi-Active detergent does the hard work by getting rid of the gunk, so parents can focus on enjoying playtime with their children. This detergent promises to remove grass, blood, wine, grape juice, coffee with milk and ice cream, to name a few. You can pick it up at your local food store. Go to www.facebook.com/alllaundry to share your horror stain stories.

Written by Tabitha


TO SEE A TON OF MESSY (but adorable) PICTURES FROM THE EVENT, click on the continue reading link below.









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