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What? This Old Thing?


I spent the entire day in the city yesterday attending several events and meeting up with my new business partner to discuss our ‘TO DO’ list. While walking through an editor’s preview for Breast Cancer Awareness products (I have SO MANY GREAT ONES to write about), someone complimented me on my outfit.

She literally praised me from top to bottom but focused on my jewelry the most. She kept going on and on about my ring that I got from Avon ($15). And instead of taking the compliment, I started to shoot myself down.

“This ring? It’s just $15. And these boots I’ve had for years. My shirt has a hole in it that I saw while driving in.” ETC ETC ETC

What is wrong with me? Mid sentence I heard how I was just declining her compliment. There has to be something to that. Why on EARTH wouldn’t I just say Thank You?

The good news is that I caught myself and it felt wrong. I’m sure I’ve done this my entire life – but yesterday was the first time that I actually HEARD myself in action.

What do you do when you get a compliment? Do you deflect or accept?

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  1. Totally deflect! It’s wrong I know. I guess we judge ourselves too much. πŸ™‚ Is it too late for a New Years resolution?

  2. that’s funny… i used to totally deflect. I have a lot of long hair…it’s thick and wavy and I reckon people like it. I’ve always had people walk up and tell me they like it, think it’s pretty, wish theirs was thick, etc… and I’d always say, “oh, well, I like YOUR hair, I’ve always wanted thinner hair…” or SOMETHING like that, instead of simply saying……..Thank you… I don’t know why we do this…we’re just so hard on ourselves! But, I do like your tall brown boots with the buttons or whatever going up them πŸ™‚ They are very cute.

  3. In addition to all my other maladies, I have found I cannot wear jewelry without having some type of allergic reaction. ANYWAY, my point is that when I did wear it, it was often Avon earrings and I got lots of compliments on it. Which was nice considering it was cheap! Also re: Avon, my mom used to sell it – you get awesome discounts if you sell, I think, $250 during each 2 week campaign I believe? It was great. Their Anew skin line is serious competition for the other big boys.

  4. Oh! It would help if I read your entire post first! I am the same way re: compliments…and my internal dialogue to MYSELF is horribly mean. It is odd because I see a lot of good in other people, but not in me. So YES, let’s stop it! Remember Vera, you ARE a gorgeous yummy mummy (cool interview)! You always look classy and cute – even when staying at home. Personally, Vera, I will admit I have copied off you with certain things (you went dark w/hair, I went dark with hair – you bought awesome green bag from Target, so did I! So know that you are a style influencer, dear!) I know the people that posted above me are awesome too so let’s all be nice to ourselves πŸ™‚

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