Looking For A Relaxing Spa Trip That Your Kids Will Also Enjoy?


Have you heard about a Salt Spa? There are over 1,000 in Europe and some are now showing up in the United States. The rooms – which are entirely covered in salt – are said to provide both beauty and health benefits. The Halo Air spa has a room for children where they can play and read while breathing in the salt which help detox and combat ailments such as allergies and colds.

The Halo/Air Salt Room treatment uses unique proprietary equipment and room design which creates a dry salt aerosol microclimate. The patented HaloGenerator creates humidity, filters the air, and grinds and atomizes the salt into air particles for the rooms. All of the salt used at Salt Rooms is mined from European salt caves 300 meters below ground.

The breathable salt particles in the Salt Rooms are able to penetrate into the bronchial tree in the form of finest crystals. This environment provides customers with a relaxing lung cleansing and deep skin treatment. The salt treatment (similar to a sauna) is safe for all ages, and the frequent treatments may help treat a variety of symptoms and ailments including allergies, stress, skin conditions, and respiratory issues.

14 hour long sessions over a year. Each session will run you about $100.

For children, 30 minutes is recommended.

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